The world is a fascinating place and the fact that everything is interconnected means that being informed about global events is both necessary and pleasurable. The wonderful thing about current affairs is that is covers such a wide array of subjects from politics, economics, culture, science, health, education, and more. In fact, just about anything that results from human activity comprises a current event, some of which are extremely important to human destiny.

With this log, written from Colegio Anglo Brasileiro, in Salvador, Bahia, where my students have to listen to my exhortations to get interested in the world, I humbly hope to contribute something to the debate, and my student’s knowledge. My pursuit is trying to portray events fairly. Impartiality and objectivity are clichés spouted by journalists and unattainable. I have no claims to it, but the slant I have is based on an idealistic view of humanity and belief that that a person like Nelson Mandela doesn’t have to be the exception.

The blog is bi-weekly and students will submit small articles to it as well. Enjoy.


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